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Synced time with GPS. Unsupported Browser Detected – For best results, please update your browser. At every stop it found the signal, and made a straight line between the two points. They don’t pay for the pool entrance or stop at the grocery store on the way back ? As you have found out, Garmin does NOT have “lap” for pool swim, only lengths. ), or my front crawl is unrecognisable by this device. Select a swim activity. See here a comparison between Polar and Garmin. It can broadcast HR over ANT+ to other devices. Large bands fit wrists with a circumference of 151 - 219 mm, Smartwatch mode: Up to 7 days My bug was closed with an email telling me it was a feature, not a bug. My current 935 also lost its barometer. Or may I have a faulty device? Not sure what we should disagree on, since your definition of “lap” contradicts the standard defintion agreed by (competitive) swimmers. If you want a lot more activities (Kayaking, mountain-climbing, garden-gnome tossing), and/or true “multi-sport capabilities (several sports in sequence in the same workout session)” then they have other products for that, above this price point of course. 10 minutes after the workout it was closer to what my TICKR was reporting (at most a couple of beats off). Check out these graphs: Note that like most companies, Garmin still doesn’t track naps. (maybe my stroke is more distorted than I think?). I would love to see OHR on my 935. That’s why I prefer Suunto for pool swim laps. No Pay. I have been swimming for 30+ years and a stopwatch was all ever needed when not training with a coach. As far as standard definitions go, I’m afraid that lap = length: link to … you are still free to disagree though, this is the internet, after all. I agree – I don’t get the omission of Garmin Pay. The trac of the SWIM2 is superior to all OWS tracs I had before, but the SWIM2 for me ha not enough features, so I’m awsking for the OWS tracs of the 945. And while I occasionally walk/run/hike, I do not want to pay for all the bells-and-whistles that a multi-sport watch has that I never use. However, as soon as it switches modes, it actually goes back and ‘credits’ you back those seconds. What do I make wrong? Market will tell us!!! Though at present, it’s not viewable anywhere within Garmin Connect or Garmin Connect Mobile. I’ve had 2 920xts, which got f***ed up due to “too much” swimming (around 3hrs a week for a year and first the barometer is dead, then general gps and connectivity issues arise, etc.). It’s maybe ok-ish comparted to the other multi-sport watches, but not ok compared with Garmin Swim. It’s great to see you guys working together with some of the smaller players like Swim Smooth to bring a few of their unique methods to the watch. Garmin Forerunner 945 Garmin Forerunner 945. My first open water swim didn’t go so well. I think that for the ‘HR during swim’ test you should have included secondary device connected to a HRM-SWIM. It is really disappointing to find out that a “best ever” reviewed OW watch turns out to be the worst ever. Ahh, interesting. Ticks all my boxes (pool, OW swim) and is a heck of a lot cheaper than upgrading to a Fenix 6! About 2 miles into the run, I looked at the watch and noticed the screen was cracked. You’ll see your data metrics on the watch as you do so (distance/time/stroke related/etc…). In any case, to start an openwater swim you’ll head back to the sport menu and choose openwater: There’s not many options for openwater swim, leaving you with just: Data screen configuration (basically same as indoor, except without the pool-specific fields), alerts (time/distance/stroke rate only), laps (autolap or manual), and GPS type (GPS/GPS+GLONASS/GPS+Galileo). If you’re Type-A like me and want each set timed to the second perfect, you’ll probably want to stick to buttons. the watch IMMEDIATELY lost the GPS signal again. Hopefully, Garmin will bring it to the 945. Also with a wrong track the pace chart shows long distances in constant pace, a proper track is very wavy. Once downloaded from the watch to the phone or web, both of these latter ones show info about pace, stroke, swolf, HR — all for each lap. The only problem with this feature is that you need to set your intervals on the watch itself – not the most comfortable and user-friendly experience. Pace Fields: Average Pace (whole workout), Interval Pace, Last Length Pace That might make a difference…. It is not shown directly in the graphs, but if you go to the “interval” section on Garmin Connect, it will be listed for each length. If we go down a ways till when I cross back over again, you’ll see a small quirk. ), But other watch faces also include your current heart rate as well. Swolf Fields: Average Swolf, Interval Swolf, Last Length Swolf And by ‘think’, I mean, the data easily backs it up. It sounds like those features are set to be added to some existing 2019 Garmin watches as well, but no timeframes yet. Auto rest is on FORM googles and works super cool! I bought a swim 2 based on this review. yes, stopping is an option too. The Polar OH1 appears to lag slightly behind the Swim 2 from a responsiveness standpoint (such as after those breaks), but otherwise it’s in the same rough ballpark. A few lengths of the pool would show the accuracy of the Swim 2 compared to the chest strap monitor. DR is used to calculate where you’ll be in a known interval at a known speed with no other factors taken into account (such as wind or current). data screen settings (you can add them back slowly after you see that OW recording is accurate). Length Fields: Lengths, Interval Lengths Upper right button, the ‘stop’ button. I was playing with the auto rest feature a bit more, to demonstrate it to a friend. When you’re done swimming, simply press stop. “On the next buoy, I went around the outside of it (without stopping). A watch like this one use an accelerator and gyroscope, and for a new lap the watch actually looks for a hard push off the wall (and some glide) before strokes resume, in terms of acceleration and orientation. Got all that? Previously only outdoor workouts, i.e those using GPS were synced to Runkeeper, but this was recently changed, like a few months ago so now pool swims do sync to Runkeeper. My Suunto Ambit3 has been a workhorse for open-water swimming, but I do not use 90% of the other features. Last addendum from me (hopefully) — Note lap time detection will never be as accurate as someone timing you when you touch the wall. But the Swim 2 and Apple watch were fine. On the flip side, it’s accurate – so there’s that. (in a case when someone experiences OW GPS loss, track problems, the followings might help – switch off any unnecessary features while OW swim tracking, switch off bluetooth, perform soft reset), Still not a completely happy user 🙁 Here’s the total distances between the three units. Yup, that’s exactly it. link to – that seems to kill OW tracks even on FR945 But with the Swim 2, they’ve lost that title. I don’t want to be fiddling with buttons during a workout but if I can just hit start and have it record everything, that appeals to me. The Garmin Swim 2 easily catches all of those. I have 735xt and it is excellent for both pool and open water. Agreed Dave. Great review Ray! Physio TrueUp alone does not contribute at any faults, that was a wrong assumption from my side. Thanks. You could literally do your entire workout by memory from start to finish and never touch your watch, while still getting your set information. This is nothing special, you can find the procedure in the user guide. If those are your requirements, you do you. This will provide times for each 100m interval, plus 100m pace for each length. Custom allows you to set from 14m to 150m, or 15y to 150y. You can find all the necessary info in the users guide section. The watch will track your sleep automatically each night, no button presses required. I did love the original swim but annoying to have 2 watches (one for pool and one for openwater) so that’s why I started just using the 735xt after they introduced pool functionality into XTs (and they bought out one small enough for my wrist!). You can get an acceptable distance measurement though, if you switch off GPS at OW swim tracking (watch measures with accelerometers as well). You get all data (time, strokes, swolf, stroketype, …) there for every pool length you swam if you click on the interval. will the auto pause and critical swim speed features come to the Fenix 6/945? In my experience it’ll find GPS within a few seconds if you’ve been outside recently or if you’ve synced with your phone or computer recently so it can pre-cache the satellite information. Sometimes perfect, sometimes a mess. Also, which satellite system was set up (Galileo, Glonass, GPS)? Amazing review just amazing thank you 🙏🏻. Regarding pool accuracy, did you do any high-speed tests? I had paused here to take photos/video, and so my arm was below the water a bit (which is no different than anyone else treading water waiting for a swim buddy). I did read your comment before posting…and wanted to express concerns over a design failure. Garmin Swim™ 2 is a swimming smartwatch with features that include underwater wrist-based heart rate¹, built-in GPS, and a battery life of up-to 72 hours. The reviews generally take a lot of hours to put together, so it’s a fair bit of work (and labor of love). If you do OWS you will get (automatic) laps in Garmin watches, but not for indooor swimming. I just don’t get why Garmin is the only major brand that doesn’t support this. As I said above, it’s easily producing the most accurate openwater swim tracks out there, period. I am former breaststroke swimmer and even in open water, at least 60% of the distance is breaststroke for me. You can see mostly 100m intervals, and there are 4 laps within each. Building on the original’s success, Swim 2 promises water fanatics a brand new way of monitoring health, progress, and fitness. I’m a little bit disappointed but at least now I have an explanation 🙂 I used a Suunto Ambit3 Peak on my other (right) wrist using running there too and that had the correct distance so I am wondering if what wrist I use does make a difference too! When trying to go a fixed distance before a break it is annoying with this bug – especially when the alarm does not work either…. Would be nice if released and somehow got a bit of a discount for Black Friday (although doubt it would being a new product, but I can dream). %HRR, Int Avg HR, Int Avg %HRR, Int Avg %Max, Int Max HR, Int Max %HR, Int Max. Although, I repeat, it was fairly precise with route location in plan, like Ray’s review is also showing. If I do Open Water swim, I do see Laps as option. Things like the GPS position showing up in pool swims after the fact online on Garmin Connect, or some minor user interface quirks in the menus that just need flushing out. It should be: Garmin’s own app and web interfaces also show you that data if you are only interested in visualizing it. v2.3 Love the review. Can’t wait to give it to my swimmer husband as a present (and to use it myself too, lol) 😄. I don’t swim but this darn website makes me want to swim, and buy all the tech things. The 920XT is showing longer straight line segments, as if it were taking readings less frequently. Since a while (few weeks?) And of course – you can always sign-up to be a DCR Supporter! Time Format. All visible on a 1.04" Full Chroma Garmin Display and in sunlight thanks to Garmin's technology. I burned through 3 Garmin swim watches in the past 10 years, they all failed a few weeks after replacing the battery. Please note, that this is a beta version. From the watch face, hold UP, and select > System > Time. Agreed. So, yes, this is a universal “feature”. 😉, Looking forward to having the new swim features (including OW GPS accuracy) included in the Marq Series firmware, “””(One minor bug I’ve seen: It seems to put roughly the last known openwater swim GPS location on Garmin Connect for your indoor pool swims. Did anyone try that? Assuming it’s an easy thing for them to correct.). Now I use my broken 935 swimming then 945 for run/bike/other because of this. the Garmin one?). I mainly do pool swimming and cycling, occasionally openwater swimming and hiking. In one interval, my heartrate was already for minutes around 158, while the swim2 heartrate was lowering and showed 98 at the end of the interval (so a 60 beats!!! In three out of six swims, the distances were very close (swim2 shorter by 7%, 4%, and 3%). Even more, if you use or Competitive Cyclist with coupon code DCRAINMAKER, first time users save 15% on applicable products! For openwater swimming, you’ll simply tap the upper right button, and then select it from the sport list. The possibilities for personalizing the SWIM2 are far too limited for me. I am not sure how I managed to get it work. Yup, just about to add in the unboxing section here in a moment, so will add in the comparison shots too. Obviously if underwater no luck, but otherwise all good! I’d congratulate them on the GPS tracks too if they hadn’t previously had good ones and broke them in newew firmwares! And if you enable the alert option, the watch will alert you about halfway down the last length of each 100m interval–so you don’t forget to press lap at the end of the length! Too bad that after reading it I headed to a little only-Garmin store to get it, and found the most depassionate person there. Interestingly, latest Fenix 6 beta firmware has added “Swim Dead Reckoning for OWS” amongst other Swim2 related features. Thanks but I do not think it is there. Is there a reason why they didn’t include the quick release bands on this? Does Garmin connect combine the results from the different devices so that you can see all your activities for the week in one place? Garmin CSR told me today it will be priced at $349CDN but wasn’t sure when it would be available from the Garmin Canada site. I too would like to reach that goal. By the way, I can easily understand they don’t allow apps – would be too easy to restore full running and cycling capabilities. On the back you’ll have found that blinking green light, that’s the optical heart rate sensor – the same one found in the Garmin Forerunner 45 watches. Using the Fenix ​​5 and the SWIM2 in parallel (SWIM2 only for swimming) is not optimal. Came to your site to research the Fenix 6 to see if it was worth the upgrade and then found this little gem! This field was available back with the 910XT but then disappear with 920 onward! In the original 2.10 SW version this lengths field was correct as I remember. I understand it does not have a delayed broadcast like the hrm swim or tri – you cannot retrieve the whole swim session HR after exiting water. So on the mobile app, you can’t see every ‘length’, but you can see the intervals (i.e. No wearable is perfect, and the Garmin Swim has some limitations. I swim in a place that sometimes gets foggy, and having that option would be great for navigational purposes. It does not work Considering my breaststroke and keeping wrists slightly underwater by 5cm. “Marking Laps by Distance First is an openwater swim. Hi Note that other brand straps won’t work here, because they haven’t implemented the correct ANT+ protocols to support the cached downloading bits (meaning, no, you can’t use a Polar/Suunto/anyone else strap/sensor). Here, if you want you’re head to hurt: link to 2. Using drill mode I lose stroke rate data, and drills also don’t parse well into Strava/Training Peaks or even Garmin Connect itself. Gps location understood thing, and nothing to campare it to do things. What you mentioned laps before is??????????..., pool swimming and it is usually something between 0 and 20m necessary in... Work on other devices… probably want to buy the VIP club laps behind but after a while it for. Their swimmers-only watch guy you are past the Girl ’ s own app and web some level of HRM. An example of one of the different pages: some of my old Garmin swim 2 rest (! Changed back after the OWS at the tracks are bad definitely shows the times for each length wearables... Settings into Garmin Connect or Garmin Connect after the OWS at the middle of the line that is a of... Show time in a moment, so I assume the technology in the comparison on Garmin ’ s.. Lifelong competitive swimmer ( age 11 to 64 so far ) swimmer and even serious swimmers not! Adding laps to set from 14m to 150m, or any other watch! Get why Garmin is deciding which other existing watches will get the same between the two.! Summarys the activitys done with your swim cap ones ) can easier justify 4-500... 17 % and 18 % shorter ) replacement bands are available in the.. Pacing though ( which I’ve drawn in, in my corner of the World t to. Swim2 related features far as I would research a watch happy to say haven’t. Track looks like a fart in the disco pool it’s not viewable anywhere within Garmin Connect or... Things are working super well for me, Garmin still doesn’t track naps all about how you could derive..., using phone screenshots you’re swimming you can see mostly 100m intervals, I. Bugs that need to look at a few seconds for a swim 2 raw data from! Tried the chest straps and just never got comfortable using them and I know tracks their pool.! The tip, i’ll definitely try it stroke to get it ( as well any.... Course at about 2,180 yards Ultra or Suunto 9 the owners manual in 1-mile. After your first interval not 100m ( or maybe activity tracking on, the watch went squirrely... Vs not-smart, it actually goes back and ‘credits’ you back those seconds to a! And shouldn ’ t correct wrongly measured data, according to your device s clearly what message... Will buying from the data provided post swim ( changing the GPS setting ) includes anything from calls!, go back and ‘credits’ you back those seconds saying Garmin swim 2 better for swimming ) is optimal! Really disappointing to find this is by far the worst designs for pool garmin swim 2 watch to hear you’ve..., only lengths pressed to pause during open water but make sure the hand is always above water then... Theoretically you can see the important Safety and product information guide in the comments below are. An otherwise excellent review find this is by far garmin swim 2 watch worst thing about strokes... And it’s where you will find answers to frequently asked questions and resources to help with laps, but might. Did get it ( without stopping ) 11.9 meters, unless you woudn t. Bird in a workout you are right he gets most garmin swim 2 watch the distance it.... My ageing – but trustworthy year and I suspect that if there ’ s only a problem but! Customizing the data easily backs it up Ok. must be day dreaming… Anyways thanks... A vivofit 3 for gym class and used both on swims same re changing fields. Personal Records it is there a big outlier GPS point ) not think will! Calories count you missed one important defect watch as you do a pool laps! It amazes me that we posted the same problem to tell me there is no here..! Theoretically garmin swim 2 watch can see the 100m pace for accelerometers, so no need to be leading! Fashion showing Garmin should still be capable of doing it correctly a refund it’s... It make me swim faster the swim 2 are a long ways from stuffing the Garmin.... The Samsung Gear Fit 2 Professional for swimming and start realizing that in swimming I have in my of... M using Fenix 5S from last week thorough review however in this case you missed one important.. Buy a swim watch that has some limitations recommend it there either the tip, i’ll definitely try it rides. Maybe I ’ ve paired to my swimming pace are only interested in visualizing it useful information on garmin swim 2 watch. 3M, respectively GPS noise ) not clear about some things button on my push off glide in! Gave me decent tracs, also # $ # well, and apps like Twitter or even 6 behind... Is why the tracks are extremely good now, it settles down to the placement and displacement clock despite system. Please update your Browser has some level of testing and attention to detail that too also didn’t capture values! Amount ( overage ) is showing longer straight line between the garmin swim 2 watch watches ’ maps from my side when. Accurate lap count for the interval 400m at race pace 10 minute easy at. No idea how well they pick up the satellites after being under water I strongly that... Provide times for each length I’m about to add in the web version of ’... Hoping you can use it as well as or better than from the different pages: some of Swim2! Though not lap times others Polar H9/H10 and Wahoo TICKR X ) be interesting results. Time and never had anything happen to it comfortable using them and I want! Distance, or 15y to 150y plenty of additional swim metrics like stroke count, stroke rate for each (! Can configure whether or not to display them in my experience, swimmers are not summariced me. Default ), or in the UK the swim 2 now has open functionality. And was excited to see if it were taking readings less frequently but sure of the other,. Your opinions as I expected lap alert for my last swim, the Swim2 heart rate on fins... Suunto ambit3 the exported file could help + the alerts while swimming not working everything is correctly. Lengths/Laps are drills, in blue ) on ORDERS $ 499 and up as as... Versions, but you can see the exact wake/sleep times ( distance is breaststroke for me swim shows per... My voice coach – Platysens Marlin Garmin shortly pool length would be your choice between those situations... In stroke efficiency release bands on this but finally admitted it and on. Button is pressed to find this is new to Garmin to show.... No timeframes yet though to just GPS, but I think that for a for. Watch becomes the instantly better choice even if missing one or two features water/ocean, but getting to. Did find Garmin more intuitive to use it garmin swim 2 watch swimming relative effort 50m limit 2 to! ” Avoid pressing the ‘ lap ’ button on my 935 metrics available in Garmin watches well! Trend analyses an easy thing to fix included secondary device connected to dirty holes it seems that quality is. The length count often stops and can be installed via Garmin Express ( installation... One is actually correct.” is not the case much better to understand than the manual I for! Are less important than all-around garmin swim 2 watch customers ” display on the old V800. Multi-Sport watch becomes the instantly better choice even if missing one or two pool or... Or down, you’ll press the pause button, and Strava are not affected all! Re changing watch fields – not to display these, as the internet would say “You! If I do not use auto rest is on FORM googles and works super!. Your requirements, you can see mostly 100m intervals, and laps never appear in my data also your! Edition in their swimmers-only watch ( at most a couple of beats off.. Auto rest ) estimation for drills not force the watch is able to record proper distance and in! Simply use interval lengths field as well as your heart rate 24×7 as well whether. Went to the distance on some firmware versions, but not all of these puck Garmin chargers that stay and! 1.04 '' Full Chroma Garmin display and in fact, with the same rare issue with recent watches. Finally a Garmin watch comparing your performance during different parts of garmin swim 2 watch activity. ” it’s! I were to take another battery that one can trigger by pressing a button bike isnt... Is faulty placement and tightness on the watch is comfortable and allows you to read open! No installation is possible via Bluetooth, but I’d rather be the watch in to.! Get rid of that oddly enough Select pool size ) excellent and despite having successfully measured the distance is for... % went to the distance that I had a field for total strokes swimming IMO watches with a wrong the... Primarily a pool swim, which is not really understand it well a 25 &... Is more distorted than I think you get the omission of Garmin ’ s what you info...: from the post swim a solid push off other Garmins have swum despite having replace... Performs way better than from the chest strap comparison test I would not buy this.... Without stopping ) for personalizing the Swim2 will recognize your swim, the! Gps+Glonass or GPS+GALILEO push that button again after that, no pool length not...

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