How to prepare the garden for fall

We are already close to the time change, just entered the fall, we started October and we want to give you a few tips to put the garden ready for this season. Useful to you saw blade for laminate flooring.

The days are shorter and we notice how the cold arrives, even so, who says you can not enjoy your garden in autumn? You just have to set the mood and put on the right clothes, because autumn and winter days in the sun taste like glory. Admire the colors of autumn, the charm of the change of leaves to orange and red

Even if the summer is over, we must be careful and continue to take care of it. Everything you do now will help keep your garden looking good for the rest of the year and in better condition for the seasons to come. In a way, it is the beginning of the year, the return to school of the garden.

Follow these steps to prepare your garden for the fall:

Condition your lawn

It is very important to take care of the lawn before the frost starts. One of the most important tasks you should do in autumn is to remove fallen leaves from the lawn on a regular basis, as they deprive it of light and end up creating moss due to moisture.

It is advisable to mow the lawn approximately every two weeks, depending on its growth, and leave it at a height of 5cm so that the sun can reach it well and the roots are protected. We should also scarify the lawn, to aerate the soil and remove dead grass that chokes the grass. Finally, at the end of the season, it is recommended to fertilize with a fertilizer with a high level of potassium that helps protect the lawn from frost and reinforce it.

Pruning shrubs

Just as we mow the lawn, we should prune and clean the plants and shrubs that have wilted during the summer. To prevent them from rotting, we should remove all the leaves and clean them so that they get the sun and receive the air they need.

Reduce watering

Watering should be more spread out in time, the rainy season will help us to maintain it. You should water in the morning or evening and reduce the inputs, while the heat goes away, we can help with irrigation controllers. Check the proper functioning of the drainage system of the pots to expel excess water.

Protect plants and delicate furniture

If you have delicate plants, you will have to protect them from the cold and frost to make them last. Protect them from the storms under the porch or in their defect inside the house, always leaving them in a very luminous zone. Renew the soil so that they have more nutrients in the face of the cold.

As well as protecting your plants, you should protect the most special furniture, avoid its oxidation with the help of tarpaulins and try to leave them under a roof.

Plant new bulbs

It is time to plant bulbs, which can withstand the weather, so that they bloom in spring and those that bloom even during the autumn. It is also the best time to plant fruit trees and shrubs, because when spring arrives they will already be adapted to the soil and will flower more strongly.

Take care of the lighting

Take advantage of the warm colors that this season brings and adapt the lighting to maintain the warmth during these months. Add a touch of orange to your garden with the autumn lights.

Protect your pond

In last week’s post we told you all about the fountains with fish. In this season you should clean it, remove the dirt and leaves to save you the work in the spring. Protect the fish from frost by adding elements that prevent the pond from freezing completely.

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