Mouse seed garden

It is advisable to carry out this work in sod gardens, since it is in the grass stand that various rodents especially like to live, as well as if you have many young trees or prikop with seedlings.

In this situation, it is very convenient to use purchased seed for mice – for example, Storm tablets, Etched anti-mouse grain, etc. They contain special flavors that lure rodents.

First, such seeds are placed in a vegetable store, a cellar and a garden shed. And for the garden, they usually make special “feeders” with poisoned treats. In this quality, pieces of plastic pipe are used or even small wooden boxes with holes are made. Poison baits are placed in such traps, which are then laid out in different parts of the garden.

Thus, wild and domestic birds of the garden will not get such a poison, and the seeds themselves will remain safe and sound even in rainy autumn and snowy winter.

Mice will not be able to resist a tempting delicacy, finding it by smell even under a thick cover of snow. In the spring, as the soil dries in the garden, the trap houses are collected, the remaining seeds are shaken out into the pit and buried. This method of combating small mouse-like rodents can be considered the most effective and safe, especially if you do not have the opportunity to visit the garden often in winter.

The only caveat – make sure that inquisitive kids and pets climbing everywhere do not accidentally get and swallow poison from the tubes.

Protecting the garden from hares

In addition to mouse-like rodents, a lot of troubles in the garden can do the most ordinary hares. They love to gnaw bark on the trunks and branches of young trees. Apple trees and apricots suffer the most from their gluttony, second of all, they attack plums and peaches, but eared pranksters, as a rule, do not touch cherries, cherries, and pears.

To protect fruit trees from bunnies, young trees are usually wrapped with coniferous shoots so that the needles look down. Moreover, they begin winding from the very surface of the earth.

In the case of a very snowy winter, hares can even reach the bark of the crown branches and nibble young twigs and shoots, thereby causing a serious blow to productivity.

In this regard, the most reliable method of protection against pussies is considered to be a decent height fence made of finely mesh. And so as not to be covered with snow, from its outer part it is necessary to place a hedge of tall plants at least two meters wide.

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