The presence of ants poses a serious risk to food safety as they are potential carriers of micro-organisms that can contaminate food and/or food processing surfaces.

After the winter hibernation, when the summer season arrives, ants reappear on time. These insects are particularly ‘social’ Healthy, well organized, characterized by a precise division of tasks, and are used to live in large colonies.

For this reason, when we begin to notice even only two and three of them wandering about in our environments, it is better to run immediately to the shelters, because waiting to see more of them to intervene, can turn out to be such a big mistake, and transform, at times, in a real “Nightmare”.

But what are the most effective remedies against ants? Emilio Gravino, technical director of Biodis, explains it to us.

Emilio, there are many remedies against ants and at least as many are written about, often we are proposed the most diverse solutions. Let’s try to clarify. As an expert in the field which you are, I ask you to identify the 3 buffaloes and the 3 most effective methods to eliminate ants.

What do we want to start from?

Let’s start with the “bufa le” so that we immediately clear the field of a series of misunderstandings and dispel some false myths.

Well as you have anticipated, surfing the net it often happens to come across “tutorials” that suggest a dozen absolutely natural remedies to solve the problem. But you have to understand, because it is one thing to remove ants, another thing to solve the problem. The word “hoax” may be a strong after all, but in this sense, it will list coffee powder, salt, detergent powder.

Buffalo 1: coffee powder. Why?

The coffee powder. thanks to its intense smell, it certainly has a repellent function’ can keep them away for some time, but it is wrong to pass the concept that, alone, can solve the problem definitively … There is a real risk that the ants will reappear malt lends itself, because, precisely, can have been eliminated but only momentarily removed.

Buffalo 2: salt. Similar reasons?

Exactly. salt is a simple and easy to experiment remedy, it can be quite effective in temporarily removing ants. But the problem is just around the corner, it’s not eliminated.

Hatch 3: Detergent powder.

Detergent powder is not an effective remedy either and, above all, it has a negative environmental impact because, unlike a specific and totally safe product, it pollutes, causing a fairly high risk of toxicity, think of domestic animals or children who can swallow 8 product with all the consequences of the case …


Remedy 1: saturated steam

Saturated dry steam is a totally ecological pest control method. In practice, through the use of a steam generator, A volpere is brought to temperatures reaching 130 degrees. ft dry saturated steam obtained, with a powerful jet, is then applied where it is needed. This technique can be used for the elimination of many arthropods that infest our environments, such as :mine and ticks, and especially for you bedbug infestations. For a long time we have been using the appropriate temperatures for disinfesting and sanibcarg with dry saturated steam production can therefore disinfest environments of all kinds, eliminating the intestines by means of thermal shock caused temperature.

Since it is dry steam, the surfaces treated will not be wet. It is a method that ensures the elimination of ants and is, as said, ecological af 000%. An additional advantage: it leaves no residue of any kind. With traditional disinfestations carried out with insecticides, the precautions to be taken are many; with def heat emitted by this machine that delivers dry saturated steam, there are no side effects and the environment is immediately practicable.

Remedy 2: Granular food baits.

Another effective remedy and little evasive can be represented by food carpenter ant baits, which allow disinfestation by these insects, avoiding the spreading of liquid chemical insecticides. Let’s start with granular food baits. It must be said first of all that the choice of the food attraction to be used as bait varies according to the species of bait, usually it will be in Month of sugar, but in other cases it may be a protein substance, or even wood, echo. The bait, of course, others to the food attraction substance contains an active ingredient insecticide at dosage knock. Does it run smoke-air? The food bait attracts the worker ants, who pick it up and transport it to their anthill, thus sharing the food with the whole colony. The ingestion of the insecticide by the ants will soon lead to their elimination and therefore the total destruction of the anthill.


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