Using Banana Peels to Control Pests

I decided to draw a line under the description of the methods for using banana peels in the garden with an article on the benefits of banana skins in controlling pests of cultivated plants. In fact, they make an excellent natural and safe insecticide that helps to control the number of aphids and all kinds of flies on the site.

For these purposes, peels can be used in one of three ways.

  1. According to the observations of many gardeners (including me), the aphid simply hates the smell coming from decaying banana skins. But these small creatures are one of the most harmful types of insects in an amateur garden. To discourage them from the beds, it is enough to bury the remains of bananas, cut into strips, in the upper layer of soil near the plantings. And also, as organics decay into the soil, nutrients will be released – it will turn out to be a kind of free effective top-dressing (skins contain a huge amount of useful things!).
  2. If a lot of different flies have divorced on the site, then their population can be significantly reduced if plastic containers with a sweet bait are placed in several places near the beds. To do this, you will need an unnecessary plastic container with a lid, vinegar (preferably natural apple, although an ordinary store one will do) and a peel from several bananas. The latter should be chopped and poured as small as possible into the vinegar in the container. Sealing the container tightly, shake it well. This will make the banana flavor more vibrant and saturated. Then drill several holes of a diameter in the lid of the vessel so that the bugs can freely enter. The container is best placed in places where the maximum activity of insects is seen. Will this solve once and for all the problem of the appearance of harmful insects in the area? Of course not. However, this will reduce their number in the most harmless and non-toxic way.
  3. Aphids bother not only garden plants, but can also attack indoor flowers. In this case, it may be inconvenient to dig in a banana peel into the soil, because the volume of soil in the pots is small and there is a great risk of inadvertently damaging the roots of plants. Therefore, to combat aphids on indoor crops, it is better to use “banana” tea (you can find its recipe ). Mix one part of such tea and five parts of water in a suitable container, pour the liquid into the spray bottle, and spray all parts of your pets liberally. Aphids hiding near the pot and on the soil will disappear in no time;). And also the spray is absorbed through the leaves of plants and saturates their tissues with many useful substances.

By the way, if you do not want to bother with chopping and digging in banana skins, then you can do it even easier – regularly scatter whole peels around garden and garden plants that are most susceptible to attack by harmful insects. The effect is not long in coming!

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